We have a large network of schools across Thailand and ensure you’re placed in the right school for you.    


Teaching English as a second language provides the fundamental language skills that equip students for future success in school, business, and society at large. Therefore, it’s imperative that you are happy with location and school in order to successfully implement the curriculum. 


Our placements are for 1 semester (4 to 5 months) or for 1 year and can be renewed if you’d like to stay and continue to teach English in Thailand for more than a year.  Learn more about placements from in-country teachers in our blog.


We also offer paid teacher opportunities during school breaks so you can continue to earn money between semesters. Click here for more info about our English camps

We have many wonderful schools in our network

We place you in carefully selected and reputable schools in the best locations


A work permit allows a non-Thai citizen to work in Thailand as a skilled professional. The work permit is required in order to be able to work legally. We will ensure you obtain your non-immigrant visa, and then your work permit. 


Before you can apply or be issued with a work permit you must have a non-immigrant visa first. This is required to apply for a Thai work permit. Ideally, it should be acquired prior to your arrival in Thailand. We can assist you in obtaining it in your home country or in country close to Thailand. In addition, we can help you convert a tourist visa to a non-immigrant visa. Once you have a non-immigrant visa, we will liaise with the Ministry of Labor to you begin to process the work permit. 


Something that can be an overwhelming and confusing process will be handled by our team of experts, so you can rest assured that your Visa and Work Permit will be completed within the correct time frame and in the correct way.    


Our team provide you with pre-departure support and are on hand to advise and answer any queries you have. You’ll always be talking to someone who has taught in Thailand before, so you’ll get informed, first-hand advice to guide and prepare you for your experience.    


Upon arrival in Thailand, you will receive 24/7 assistance and support. We arrange transportation to your placement, organise motorbike rental and help you find accommodation. Throughout your teaching placement, we will handle communication with your school and take care of contracts, pay, and leave. We are here to support you throughout and have your back in any emergencies.    

What's included

Pre-departure support

To acquire all the necessary documentation prior to departure 

Organise your planning, costs, budgets, and visa situation 

A pre-departure team on hand to advise and answer any queries before embarking for life in Thailand 

Cultural orientation course

A course designed by a team of experts with classes spanning a wide variety of essential topics

Accommodation including Breakfast, lunch and dinner  

Travel and admission to all excursions  

Certificate of completion (requirement for work permit) 

Job placement

A guaranteed job placement from one of the many wonderful schools in our network 

We organise and obtain your non-immigration visa and then work permit, which allows you to work legally in Thailand 

We provide online teaching resources such as lesson plans and worksheets and assist with any school-related issues that may occur 

24/7 in-country support

We arrange transportation to your placement, organise motorbike rental, and help find accommodation

Throughout your teaching placement, we will handle communication with your school and take care of contracts, pay, and leave

We are here to support you throughout your placement and have your back in any emergencies

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