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Who are we

Smiles is a recruitment agency helping graduates and education professionals find rewarding and purposeful teaching positions in Thailand. Our mission is to facilitate life-changing experiences, whilst laying down the foundations for a successful career.   


We help you plan and organise your Thai teaching experience with guaranteed job placement, cultural orientation course, and the obtaining of full legal work status. Our team is here every step of the way, with pre-departure guidance and 24/7 in-country support.   

Why us

We have many wonderful schools in our network, so by finding the right school for you, we can help start, build and develop your career.   


Our team are passionate about Thai culture and understand the huge benefits of speaking English as a second language to future Thai generations. Therefore, we seek to find the right candidates for our schools. We are not here to scratch a gap-year student's travelling itch but provide teachers and would-be teachers with essential experience to aid their career. 

Why Thailand

English Teachers in Thailand earn generous salaries and live comfortably because of the low cost of living. This means you can save a third of your wage whilst experiencing the joy of teaching English to keen young learners.    


Our program is also great for those seeking adventure. Thailand is a country steeped in unique traditions; it has a varied and delicious cuisine, all-year-round sunshine and a rich, inviting culture. Most important of all is the famous Thai smile, which is the inspiration and vision behind our company.   





We place you in carefully selected and reputable schools in the best locations with continuous support throughout your stay 


Obtaining full legal work status is crucial when working in Thailand. We fully understand the ins and outs of the Visa and Work Permit process in each province. 


Everything is explained clearly. We’ll walk you through each step and make sure you’re prepared. 


Our cultural orientation course is designed to prepare our teachers for all aspects of life in Thailand 


We discuss your preferences and then carefully select a position at a reputable school in one of the following locations.


Northern Thailand, bordering Laos and Myanmar, is known for its thickly forested mountains inhabited by several hill tribes, each with its own language and culture. The provincial capital, Chiang Mai, is the transport centre for the north and famed for its natural beauty. This is a great place to hang out or prepare for a journey into the hills.


Central Thailand surrounds  and contains the national capital of Bangkok. Central Thailand contains many places of historical interest and natural beauty. 


Southern Thailand stretches from just south of Bangkok down to the Malaysian border and is home to many of the tourist hotspots Thailand has to offer.


Isan consists of 20 provinces in the north-east of Thailand and is the largest region in Thailand. Isan is probably the least touristed area within Thailand, there are not as many foreigners living and working in this area compared to other parts of Thailand. It's a great place to experience the "real" Thailand. 


The East is the region of Thailand that borders Cambodia and contains the country's "eastern seaboard" which is made up of scenic provinces, Pattaya, Chanthaburi and Chonburi.



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