Smiles is a visionary, career-driven teaching recruitment agency based in Thailand.  Our goal and priority are to provide native English speakers who either wish to pursue a career in education or develop existing skills to schools throughout Thailand.  

We’re a hard-working collective of committed experts helping you get the best out of your teaching experience.  We are here every step of the way to eliminate stress and give peace of mind.  


There are many “traveling teacher” organisations who offer a way to earn money whilst traveling in South-East Asia. Although a great option for those just seeking travel and adventure, they tend not to unearth the desired teacher attributes and commitments required by Thai schools and learning centres.  


We are different. We help facilitate life-changing experiences, whilst laying down the foundations for a successful teaching career.  


Our values are rooted in the triple bottom line: people, purpose, and planet. We incorporate these values into every service that we provide. This concept is to ensure we reach the minds, hearts, and spirit of teachers, schools and students alike.  




'People' relates to our community of new and seasoned teachers. We continually contribute to the strength and growth of this hub by providing its members with a place to share stories, offer teaching tips, and give useful advice. We are a family that incorporates and promotes positive values. It’s important these values are embedded in our program to ensure teachers fine-tune new skills such as, managing groups, and building strong communication and organisational skills.  




Purpose benefits are the most essential need for individuals and perhaps the ultimate differentiation of a recruitment agency in Thailand can create. Therefore, we ensure our teachers have a job they can be proud of in a school that offers growth and opportunity. On the flipside, the schools receive a teacher with the desired attributes, energy and attitude to enhance their reputation. And most important of all, the students get a teacher that will teach them to back themselves, connect with their culture and inspire and guide them toward a better future. 




Smiles cares greatly about education and its influence on society and the environment. We aid in promoting positive change throughout Thailand with our own ethical values. Smiles embeds these values into its business model by providing an additional opportunity for teachers to express a clear purpose to improve the planet with community well-being. Our summer English camps offer teachers the opportunity to teach students from all walks of life throughout Thailand. In addition, part of our orientation program features a module that inspires lessons on recycling, equality, social justice, and women’s rights. This is to ensure future generations can make a positive impact on the planet.


Holly Dibden

Perhaps the best part of teaching in Thailand is the chance for an immersion experience like no other. Not only do you get to learn and grow along with your students, but you’ll become an integral part of the community.

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Laurie Moon

It didn’t earn the well-known slogan, “Land of Smiles,” for no reason. Thai people are genuinely welcoming, encouraging and excited that you’re teaching English in Thailand.

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